EVVA EPS Restricted Masterkey System

EVVA EPS high security Cylinder

EVVA EPS Mechanical High Security Locking System With Patented Technology

Suitable for the most harshest environments, simple key alike systems, small master key systems through to large complex multi level master key systems.


EVVA EPS is not a simple pin-tumbler system. EPS employs unique, patented features to harden it against lockpicking, drilling and key bumping, as well as making key theft and illicit duplication more difficult. At the front of the cylinder more hardened steel pins provide additional intrusion-resistance.

In addition, multiple broaching sidebars (providing a theoretical 133 million combinations) enable authorised EVVA dealers to develop and install large multi-tiered hierarchies of thousands of locks with a very low probability of phantom keys. All cylinders are made from brass, stainless steel and nickel components to deliver maximum operational lifespan.


The reliable technology of the EPS cylinder offers long lasting protection against illegal opening methods. Hardened steel elements are standard for protection against drilling of the cylinder. The protection against picking makes the EPS cylinder harder to open. EPS cylinders provide enhanced drilling protection in the form of hard metal elements, as well as special carbide metal pins offering resistance against pulling the cylinder in accordance with standards.


EVVA is constantly investing in research and is always working to develop new key technologies. This means that EVVA consistently meets the increasing requirements for security and organisation. Copy keys, additional cylinders and lock charts are only available at authorised EVVA partners with the relevant proof of legitimacy.


EPS is recognised globally for security, quality and value and has been installed in thousands of facilities. The EPS system delivers such robust security that keys are difficult to illicitly copy, locks are extremely difficult to pick or bypass and phantom keys are nearly impossible. This is why it’s the master key system of choice for industries and organisations that demand superior security.


  • High security design
  • Suitable for the harshest environments
  • Long life – anti wear parts
  • Three level anti -copy protection
  • Drilling protection
  • Picking and scanning protection
  • Bump resistant
  • Available in all common cylinder designs


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Auckland Safe and Lock are a  leading supplier of High Security Restricted EVVA EPS Masterkey Systems of Austria

Patented protection to 2027

Suits all harsh environmental condittions

Cylinders offer lasting protection against illegal opening method

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