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Reconditioned/Clearance Stock Safes

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Kingdom KZ2000 Safe door closedModel: Kingdom KZ2000 (Refurbished)

The Kingdom KZ series was the top of the line safe model Manufactured by Kingdom New Zealand used in Banks and Jewellery stores.

The Safe door is constructed from a foundary poured Anit Arc material (copper and aloxite) to resist gas and oxy arc cutting as well as drills and abrasive grinders. This is one serious safe.

Ex Height: 850
Ex Width: 740
Ex Depth: 855

In Height: 610
In Width: 500
In Depth: 500

Weight [kg]: 950
Capacity [L]: 152
Suggested Cash Rating: $375,000

Locking: Dial x 2
Shelves: x 2
Bolt Down Facility: yes

Price: $4,500 + gst
Price [incl GST]: $5,175Kingdom KZ2000 Safe door open

Bankers ABP safe by ChubbModel: Chubb Bankers ABP Safe

Ex Height: 1400
Ex Width: 750
Ex Depth: 780

In Height: 1100
In Width: 440
In Depth: 385

Weight [kg]: 2000
Capacity [L]: 186
Suggested Cash Rating: $250,000

Locking: Electronic
Shelves: x 2 lockable cupboards
Bolt Down Facility: no
Price [incl GST]: $5,500

Bankers ABP safe by Chubb open door

CMI Jeweller JW2 safeSafe Model: CMI Jeweller JW2 (Showroom model, only one left)

External Safe Dimensions

Ex Height:792
Ex Width: 640
Ex Depth: 710


Internal Safe Dimensions

In Height: 610
In Width: 457
In Depth: 432


Weight [kg]: 710
Capacity [L]: 122
Suggested Cash Rating: $250,000



Locking: Electronic & Dial
Shelves: 2
Bolt Down Facility: Yes
Price: $4,500 + gst

List Price: $7,785 + gst
Safe Fire Resistance: 1 hour for documents  CMI Jeweller Safe JW2 door half openCMI Jeweller JW2 safe door open

Snelguard Safe closed doorModel: Snelguard Safe

Ex Height: 770
Ex Width: 662
Ex Depth: 670

In Height:
In Width:
In Depth:

Weight [kg]: 400
Capacity [L]: 186
Suggested Cash Rating: $10,000

Locking: Combination & Key
Shelves: x 2 lockable drawers, 1 shelf
Bolt Down Facility: no
Price [incl GST]:$1,350Snelguard Safe door open

AP252E Secuguard SafeSafe Model: AP-252E (Showroom model)

External Safe Dimensions

Ex Height:250
Ex Width: 350
Ex Depth: 250

Weight [kg]: 26

Suggested Cash Rating: $3,000

Door 8mm steel, body 6mm steel

Locking: Electronic
Shelves: 1
Bolt Down Facility: Yes
Price: $550 incl gst  (RRP: $710 incl gst)
Safe Fire Resistance: Nil



Chubbsafes Sentaor M3 Safe SecondhandModel: Chubbsafes Senator M3 SOLD

This safe is brand new but has two paint chips from damage during freight on top right corner

Ex Height: 650
Ex Width: 500
Ex Depth: 403


In Height: 570
In Width: 420
In Depth: 263


Weight [kg]: 183
Capacity [L]: 63
Suggested Cash Rating: $45,000

GRADE: Certified EN 1143-1 Grade 1

Equivalent to AS/NZS3809:1998 Grade 1


Locking: Electronic
Shelves: 1
Bolt Down Facility: Yes
Fire Resistance :  30 mins
Price: $ 1,500 + gst


The Senator M3 Safe is a medium security safe designed to offer burglary protection and protect documents from fire

These safes are available to be viewed at our showroom at Unit 3C, 76 Carr Rd, Mt Roskill.  We are open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.  We accept cash, cheque, EFTPOS, Visa and Mastercard.