Fire Resisting Safes

Wertheim Safes Of Austria. Established 1852.

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Wertheim Fire Resisting Home Safes BP10REModel: Wertheim BP10RE 

Ex Height: 474
Ex Width: 605
Ex Depth: 522

In Height: 360
In Width: 495
In Depth: 310

Weight [kg]: 190
Capacity [L]: 55
Suggested Cash Rating: $60,000

GRADE: Certified EN 1143-1 Grade 2

Equivalent to AS/NZS3809:1998 Grade 2


Locking: Electronic
Shelves: 1
Bolt Down Facility: yes

Price: $2,691.30 + gst

[incl GST]: $3,095
Fire Resistance: 1 Hour fire resistance for documents only (LFS60P)


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AS/NZS 3809:1998 & EN1143-1 Standards approved Safe Information

We have a number of enquiries from customers that require a safe that meets  the AS/NZ3809:1998 standard, and there is some mis-understanding of what this  standard is.

This is a Standard for the classification and performance testing of safes to  intrusion resistance and removal. Safes that have met this standard have been  submitted to an authorised independant testing laboratory (eg.VdS, CNPP) and has  passed a physical attack test in a particular grade (from 1-6 for safes) and an  anchoring strength test.

You can clearly identify these safes as they  will have the Australian standards mark label on the inside of the safe  door or an ECB-S, VdS, CNPP or LPCB label to EN1143-1(The European  standard EN1143-1 is the benchmark for safe standards and the AS/NZS standard is  copied from this )

These labels will have the Grade, year of manufacture,  weight etc printed on them. You will also be able to obtain copies of grading  certification from your safe supplier.

Safes are graded currently from grade 0 to grade 6 and strongroom doors up to  grade 13. (With a few exceptions grade 5 is currently Bank/Jewellers  level.

The grading is a way of measuring the resistance a safe has to a  physical attack. Each grade has a resistance value that needs to be achieved in  a set time dependant on the attack tools used. Both a partial and complete  access hole are tested. A partial access hole is approximately the size of a  mans fist reaching into a safe to steal the contents. A complete accesss is  ultimately opening the safe door.

The list below should give you a good idea of what safe grade is appropriate  for the value of contents being stored inside.

Grade 1– Cash Rating $45,000 standalone

Grade 2– Cash Rating $60,000 standalone

Grade 3– Cash Rating $100,000 standalone

Grade 5– Cash Rating $250,000 standalone

Grade 5KB/CD– Cash Rating $375,000 standalone (additional core drill resistance)

Not all safes are created equal and a grade 0 safe is not suitable to store  valuables worth over $100,000 even if it has been tested and certified to the  Australia/New Zealand standard.



Below is a current list of safes that are “Officially” Tested and Certified  to the European EN1143-1 and the Equivalent AS/NZS3809:1998 standard currently  available in stock

Wertheim AG & AP Series Grade 1 (EN1143-1) 

Wertheim BG & BP Series Grade 2 (EN1143-1)

Wertheim CM Series Grrade 3 (EN1143-1) 

Wertheim KB Series Grade 5KB (EN1143-1)

Auckland Safe and Lock are the country’s leading supplier of High Security Safes and Vault doors. We have extensive knowledge of the European (EN1143-1) and New Zealand standards (AS/NZS3809:1998)
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Come to our showroom and view the range of Wertheim Safes of Austria. Wertheim have 150 years experience in the design and manufacture of Safes and Vaults.

The Wertheim AG Series Safe is great for the home to protect your valuables. We personally deliver and install the Wertheim AG and BG series safes in your house using our un-marked vans.