EVVA 4KS High Security Restricted Masterkey System

EVVA 4KS High Security restricted Cylinder

EVVA 4KS Mechanical High Security Locking System With Patented Technology


The key is reversible meaning it can be inserted either way making operation simple. The 4-curve design incorporates additional security ensuring the system is suitable for deployment in the largest and most complex master key systems. Unlike most master key systems that rely on spring pressure in the cylinder, the 4KS sliders (locking pins) inside the cylinders are actively moved by the tracks in the key. This active operation means 4KS will outperform all others in challenging environments be they dirty, dusty or salty.

When it comes to performance in challenging environments, the active sliders and springless design in 4KS provides an edge that is unmatched by other systems. As a key is inserted, most master key systems rely on small springs to push the locking pins into place. Even small amounts of dust, dirt or grit can affect the operation of the cylinder. Thanks to the 4KS springless design, when the key is inserted into the cylinder, the sliders (locking pins) are actively moved into place by the tracks of the 4KS key. This provides industry leading operation and reliability in the harshest of environments.

Key breakage is a very common problem with some master key systems. This can be caused for many reasons, such as the key material being too soft or deep cuts in the key located at critical leverage points (which means the key is easily damaged by the user). The 4KS key is manufactured from high grade nickel silver and is extremely difficult to damage or break. The unique design ensures the key is not weakened regardless of the location of the cuts.

Not all master key systems have the ability to create a hierarchy of keys to suit the requirements of very large sites. 4KS is designed to provide a highly complex multi-level master key system that can be scaled for future expansion as needed.

  • Patent protected until 2035 and restricted master key system
  • 133 billion possible key combinations
  • Implement a complex security hierarchy
  • Extensive cylinder range
  • Suitable for the largest and most complex systems
  • Virtually unbreakable key
  • Springless technology
  • Suitable for the harshest environments
  • Australian standard tested; Sc8 AS4145.2 compliant

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Auckland Safe and Lock are a  leading supplier of High Security Restricted EVVA 4KS Masterkey Systems of Austria

Patented protection to 2035

Suits all harsh environmental condittions

Cylinders offer lasting protection against illegal opening method

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